A Few Questions Important to Me

I have a few questions of y'all.  PLEASE TAKE A FEW MINUTES TO RESPOND.

1. FROM WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT IT NOW, how do you feel about descriptive representation in elections, employment, public policy, etc?

2. How do you feel about the conservative right "pimpin'" minorities into opposing LGBTQ rights?

3. How do you feel about the necessity of building a truly anti-racist queer community?  Do you think that's imperative right now, or do you think that should be a secondary thing and that right now, we should focus mostly on marriage equality and non-discrimination.  After answering the last part of this question, please provide justification for your answers.

Thanks, and peace! / Aaron

Affirmative Action and Descriptive Representation

Several days ago, whilst standing around talking after the [Seattle] AIDS Walk, I got into a discussion with a friend about descriptive representation. Apparently, his boss at his former job, who was a division director in the King County [in WA] Department of Community Services, had been hired (and recruited and helped in being hired by an otherwise very good and competent King County Councilmember, Larry Gossett) not because of her qualifications, but because she was black. She even admitted during the interview process and afterward that other people who were in the applicant pool were much better qualified for the position. Meanwhile, a friend of mine who's worked under this woman in the same department, was part of a hiring committee once. There were three people on the committee, and the applicants who were selected by all three people on the committee were to be called in for an interview automatically, and the committee would discuss the qualifications of those applicants (for whether they should be interviewed) who were selected by two of the three. Now, the director of this division wanted 10 people to be called in for an interview. By the time they were done getting people called in for an interview, the composition was thus: as far as gender balance, 8 were women, and 2 were men; regarding race, 4 were Asian-American, 3 were Latino/a, 1 was Native-American and 2 were Caucasian. However, there no black people represented and because of that, the director found out--and insisted on there being African-American representation. So, they scoured the qualifications (90 people applied), and they had to go through 50 better-qualified people before they got to one black applicant. My friend (who studied civil rights law for a while at Harvard Law School) was well aware of civil rights/employment law and statutes, and informed them that this was not affirmative action and, in fact, that it was illegal under the EEOA because it favored someone covered under the EEOA's affirmative action guidelines by actually displacing other people who were not only covered under EEOA AA guidelines, but were better-qualified.

In sum, I really support affirmative action, and think it's necessary to achieve equality and a culturally representative and diverse workplace and/or educational setting. But favoring people who's qualifications are far less than those of non-minorities isn't what supporters of affirmative action had in mind when they came up with the idea. Applicants should have APPROXIMATELY EQUAL qualifications for AA to work. If the practice of favoring undeserving and under-qualified applicants is continued, then it'll also provide fodder to right-wing types who accuse AA of unfairly fostering reverse discrimination. Finally, in sum, I'll repeat what President Clinton once said about what he wants to do with AA: "Mend it, but don't end it."

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On the Road by Jack Kerouac.

Loved it, hated it, never heard of it ??? I really really enjoyed this novel and Kerouac's writing style. What do you think ?
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Which is better?

I have a problem. I can't decide which ship I like more. I've been on both the Queen Elizabeth 2 and the Queen Mary 2, and I can't decide which I like more. They both have their high points. The QE2 has better lines and externally look marverlous, while the QM2 is rather large and blocky, but internally the QM2 is elegant and grand, with the five deck atrium and it's glass scenic elevators. Now, the captain I sailed on the QM2 was Paul Wright and the third time I was on the QE2 it was him also, though I would have liked to have met Commodore Warwick. But back to my dilemma, which is better? I might have to get my friend John Maxtone-Graham's opinion. But what is yours?
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To speak my mind....

Avril Lavigne is a Republican. I liar, a twister of words, immoral, only in it for the money, and puts up a false image screen to protect herself from the truth. I even wrote a comic for NeoPets about it.

The difference between Republicans and Democrats is that Republicans suck and Democrats blow. Lewis Black has it right. Republicans may be fat-assed, conservative, blow-hard, war-mongers, but Democrats are wimpy, pussy, afraid-to-be-labeled-liberal, wannabe hippies.

This country is going all to hell, and the only one who seems to understand TRUE Democracy is Ralph Nader, an ARAB, but he can't get anything done because we're a political black-hole.

Persians are an overlooked minority. No, we're not Arabs, and stop teaching children that our kings' names were "Xerxes" or "Darius". It's offensive that people use the Greek barbarisms of the names. They're Cyrus and Daryush. It's not that hard. "SEE-roos" and "DAR-yoosh", all 'r's rolled.

Firdausi's Shanameh should be taught along with Homer's Illiad as an epic poem. It's just as good if not better. You should read the Picard translations! It might just be some of the best literature ever. Firdausi was an amazing author, and the Shanameh (Shanama as some call it) is filled with stories set in medival Persia, but with the writing styles of modern literature: flawed characters, not the perfection of Homer's characters, mistakes made by nobility and heros made of the ignoble, idiot kings and humble heros. If you read one book from the east, make sure it's the Shanameh.

Why can't anyone pronounce my name? It's Bijhan. It's not hard. "BEE-jh'ann".

I still can't belive 'Chicago' won Best Makeup, and Star Trek: Nemesis wasn't even nominated? It seems that Michael Westmore can't win an academy award unless he's doing the villans on Dick Tracey? Come ON.

Devo DID get scalped

Why is it The B-52's only got crappy when they finally became a dance band instead of new-wave? It was thier dream and it BLEW.

Someone should scalp O'Rielly

Is it wrong for me to think that the made for TV version of Spartacus was better directed and acted than the original?

If Bush is re-elected, I'm moving to Denmark.

If Kerry is elected, I hope he's the last Democrat to be president, and that Bush was the last Republican. I've had enough of those F#%^ing pussy-ass parties.

Why hasn't anyone turned a Steven Saylor book into a movie yet?

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Okay, so I just picked up Al Franken's "LIES and The Lying Liars That Tell Them".

Has anyone read this yet? Is it definitely a good read? It's hilarious so far!!

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