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To speak my mind....

Avril Lavigne is a Republican. I liar, a twister of words, immoral, only in it for the money, and puts up a false image screen to protect herself from the truth. I even wrote a comic for NeoPets about it.

The difference between Republicans and Democrats is that Republicans suck and Democrats blow. Lewis Black has it right. Republicans may be fat-assed, conservative, blow-hard, war-mongers, but Democrats are wimpy, pussy, afraid-to-be-labeled-liberal, wannabe hippies.

This country is going all to hell, and the only one who seems to understand TRUE Democracy is Ralph Nader, an ARAB, but he can't get anything done because we're a political black-hole.

Persians are an overlooked minority. No, we're not Arabs, and stop teaching children that our kings' names were "Xerxes" or "Darius". It's offensive that people use the Greek barbarisms of the names. They're Cyrus and Daryush. It's not that hard. "SEE-roos" and "DAR-yoosh", all 'r's rolled.

Firdausi's Shanameh should be taught along with Homer's Illiad as an epic poem. It's just as good if not better. You should read the Picard translations! It might just be some of the best literature ever. Firdausi was an amazing author, and the Shanameh (Shanama as some call it) is filled with stories set in medival Persia, but with the writing styles of modern literature: flawed characters, not the perfection of Homer's characters, mistakes made by nobility and heros made of the ignoble, idiot kings and humble heros. If you read one book from the east, make sure it's the Shanameh.

Why can't anyone pronounce my name? It's Bijhan. It's not hard. "BEE-jh'ann".

I still can't belive 'Chicago' won Best Makeup, and Star Trek: Nemesis wasn't even nominated? It seems that Michael Westmore can't win an academy award unless he's doing the villans on Dick Tracey? Come ON.

Devo DID get scalped

Why is it The B-52's only got crappy when they finally became a dance band instead of new-wave? It was thier dream and it BLEW.

Someone should scalp O'Rielly

Is it wrong for me to think that the made for TV version of Spartacus was better directed and acted than the original?

If Bush is re-elected, I'm moving to Denmark.

If Kerry is elected, I hope he's the last Democrat to be president, and that Bush was the last Republican. I've had enough of those F#%^ing pussy-ass parties.

Why hasn't anyone turned a Steven Saylor book into a movie yet?
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